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National Day of Prayer for the Washington DC Metropolitan Region

2015 Download Page

Capital Region National Day of Prayer Logo


Quick Facts Sheet (8.5" x 11" single sheet)

Quick Facts A Icon  

Together Again at the Capitol Region National Day of Prayer as followers of Christ Proclaiming “His” Greatness, Majesty, Lordship and Soverignty. Color information sheet with CRNDP Logo Watermark.

Tri-Fold Brochure (11" x 8.5" duplex)

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Tri-Fold Brochure for color printing.

Tri-Fold Mailer (11" x 8.5" duplex)

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Tri-Fold Mailer identical in content to the Tri-Fold Brochure but for black & white printing and mailing.

2015 Documents

download Moving Us Forward  

Moving Us Forward! God desires for us to understand the times in which we live and to be influencers of righteousness as the spiritual battle rages. As we gather, consecrated, to pray, a heart to bless, seek peace, and pray unto the Lord for it.

download General Call  

STRATEGIC CALL TO “ALL” BELIEVERS -- NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER GATHERING, A “Clarion Call” . . . That our eyes might “open” to the “Vision” of the 2015 CRNDP

Download Intercessors Letter  

Prayer is the appointed means for drawing down the heavenly blessings upon ourselves and those around us.

Download Trumpet Call  

A trumpet call to all young people to participate in the International Now Generation Connection

downlload Pre-Gathering  

Pastors and Ministry Leaders, please join us for a special time of prayer in preparation for the CRNDP. This is a “set-aside” time for leaders to come together in agreement with God’s flow for the CRNDP gathering that afternoon.

download Pre-Gathering Details  

Pastors and Ministry Leaders, you are cordially invited to a dialogue with Dr. David Anderson, moderator, weekly radio host for WAVA. Limited seating; to assure that space is available, please register your attendance.

Public Service Announcements

click for Live Announcer Copy  

Live Announcer Copy for Public Service Announcements of 00:15, 00:30 and 00:60 or use other resource materials on this "download" page to create your own.

click to listen to 15-second spot  

Sample of 15-second Public Service Announcement.

click to listen to 30-second spot  

Sample of 30-second Public Service Announcement.

click to listen to 60-second spot  

Sample of 60-second Public Service Announcement.


Download Biography   2013-12-17_DrCorinithiaRidgleyBoone_Biography.pdf
Dr. Corinthia Ridgley Boone's Biography
Download Biography   2015-03-06_DrDavidAnderson_Biography.pdf
Dr. David Anderson's Biography


What is the CRNDP?

The CRNDP Gathering features a multi-racial, multi-cultural gathering at the U.S. Capitol. More specifically, it is a cross-cultural annual event of worship, repentance, supplication and recognition of the Church's unity. It is a unique occasion that has occurred consistently since 1984! It is a visible expression of corporate identity when the many-membered Body of Christ is united with Christians representing all of the World's continents, the suburbs, the inner city, and members of small and mega-sized congregations all gathering as one near the Capitol building to symbolize and proclaim the sovereignty of Christ over the city, Nation and humanity.

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