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Jerico Prayer Movement 2017

This year's theme was "Moving Forward !!! An indelible impact in the earth."

"Jesus said that we have been appointed to bear fruit and that our fruit should remain." Every gathering the fruit that remains is to produce a change in the hearts and minds not only in those who attended but all who "Received the Good News After the Event". (Heb 4:2) The vision was written and made plain so we all can run in the same direction with Spiritual Clarity. (Heb 2:2)

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Record of JPM 2017 Ministry Flow has been established and preserved for the generations to reflect upon, catch the vision, run with and carry on; namely:

The Fathers Charge to Adult Youth Leaders

  • As you were charged by the Senior Pastors, "Take these words of mine (God The Father) to heart and keep them in mind." (Deut 11:18)
  • Meditate on the precepts and fix your eyes on His ways.

Youth Leader Impartation to the NOW Generation

  • "Who shall declare to his generation?"" (Isa 3:8)
  • "Tell of the Lord to the next age group." (Ps 22:30)
  • "Instruct and (scripturally) teach the way youth should go." (Ps. 32:8)
  • Guide them along the best pathway of life.
  • Through interactive sharing youth receive the understanding that will deliver them from ways of evil.

Youth (all age groups)

  • Receive instruction and become established in His Word.
  • Understand that Gods ways are not our ways... Neither are your ways my ways declares the Lord (Isa 55:8)
  • Be taught Gods ways and be lead in a level path.
  • REPENT. God will instruct me through His Word and teach me in the way I should go. He will guide me; I hear Jesus' Voice and He calls me by name and leads me out; I will by no means follow a stranger.

Now Generation Declarations (All age groups)

  • The calling forth and contending for the move of God in our lives is going to be attended by difficulties and unexpected trials; the rage of satan and this present darkness.
  • Joey Thornton (11 years old) testified, when he was going through problems, God gave him scriptural declarations that helped him and has them placed above his bed to declare daily. He led all of the decrees and declarations.
  • Each age group is encouraged to do the same that you will be strengthened to stand in the times of trouble that is sure to come.

All Received the Good News. An indelible impact in the earth!

  • Some we unable to come for various reasons:
  • "Therefore; there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus." (Ps 37:33)
  • "Now you are so in Christ; we who are many are one body, and each member belongs to one another." We share our kingdom experience and move forward. Straight forward, never breaking rank. (Joel 2:7), joined and knitted firmly together by what each joint supplies. (Eph 4:16)

Moving Forward With Purpose... Namely

  • Raise up youth to reach each age group.
  • Disciple each age group to tell of The Lord.
  • Raise them up in the Character of Jesus!
  • Raise them up recognizing their own gifting.

Together Faithfully Follow Through,
Dr. C. Ridgley Boone;
Cultural, Denominational and NOW Generation Connector
Pastor Liaison to NOW Generation


"Whatever you have learned and received and heard from me, put those things into practice!" (Phil 4:9)

"For we cannot stop speaking about the things heard from The Lord" (Acts 4:20) (1 Cor 2:9)

"So that you (mature, youth, culture, denominations etc.) may share in this "Life With Us", as we share in it together with The Father and Son:. (1 John 1:3)

Embrace God's Perfect Will and
His Revelatory Fresh Move Void of
Following Worldly Patterns!

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The Jericho Prayer movement Crescendo was a day ordained by God.

God called us into a solemn assembly to be empowered and to empower our youth. I believe it was a move of God that pierced the hearts of God's people. The youth that were there showed great leadership by setting themselves apart and committing to be at this event. As we united as one and were banded together, the power of God fell. My heart was overwhelmed with the presence of God that was there. God sent a clarion call to his people to come together on one accord and to pray for the nation in such a critical time. I was honored to be a part of this event.

Submitted by,
Chanda Thornton

Reflections of the spiritual victory at the crescendo.

The event brought to mind what my Professor of Military Science & Tactics (PMST) said to us Cadets we fretted about having to participate in a scheduled parade, "It rains on the Army, not in the Army."

Saturday's program proceeded as if there were no rain. Though the rain was pouring, one got the feeling that we barely knew it was falling!

The demeanor and tenacity with which the youth were postured to receive -- they appeared focused, sincere, open, and serious about receiving & absorbing what was directed at them. It brought to mind I Corinthians 16:9, "Because a great door for effective work had been opened to us, but there are obstacles" . and we just trampled over the obstacles, i.e., the rain just solidified our determination, producing a spirit of unity, respect, and determination to not, "Let nobody turn me around!" In reality, the heartfelt determination, seriousness, and focus, also brought to mind Luke 9:62,"Whosoever puts his hands to the plow & look back, is not fit for the kingdom of heaven" -- an indelible object lesson for the youth to chuck away in their bag of tools that will surface when they find themselves in tight spots later in adulthood.

And as I shared with Sharon & John Lee, when I was in Korea patrolling the DMZ, during the monsoon seasons, had we chose to sleep-in when it rained instead of patrolling the DMZ, it would have allowed the North Koreans to cross over into South Korea and possibly take over the South Korean Government because their determination was like robots, without humanity.

Finally, Kudos to Dr. Boone, who gave the charge on the preceding Friday morning prayer line that the show will go on, come, "Hell or High Waters."

Submitted by,
Pastor Rudy DePass

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JPM Photo 7404
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JPM Photo 6285

Reflections on Braving the Weather.

Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

It was a blessing to stand with the faithful saints of God who braved the weather on Saturday morning and persevered to push through, to bless the Name of the Lord and to declare and decree God's plan and purpose over our leaders (Youth and others). It is critically important that we, as the children of the Most High God, put actions to our words by being faithful and show up, even when there are obstacles. The rain was simply a test. Many events are cancelled or delayed due to rain, but when it comes to the things of God, we have to know that when we walk in faith, God meets us as we walk in faith. Noah did not stop building the ark just because it had never rained. And to add to his test, the people mocked him for being obedient to God.

As we were standing and singing praises to God, I could only think, "Lord, thank you for reigning on Your throne, and thank You for raining Your Spirit on us." As the saints stood strong, and the number of people continued to grow, I felt the anointing of God and believe that our determination to glorify God, was a sweet smelling savor to God's nostrils.

As we stood with expectation of the Lord, my soul continually sang, "Let it rain, open the flood gates of heaven and let it rain."

Isaiah 45:8, “Rain down, you heavens, from above, And let the skies pour down righteousness; Let the earth open, let them bring forth salvation, And let righteousness spring up together. I, the Lord, have created it."

It was great to be a part of the Crescendo! Thank you.

Submitted by,
Pastor Dexter Coburn

Reflections on a Colorful Sea of Umbrellas

I was awakened very early by the sound of heavy rain coming down on our house; remnants of hurricane Harvey. I looked out the window to see the heavy droplets pouring down from the dark sky, and wondered how we would be able to meet the next morning. On my way in I called Dr. Boone. Of course she was in her usual upbeat and optimistic mood. “It’s a glorious morning!” she cried out over the phone. “Just a light rain coming down.”

As I approached the modest crowd assembled at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, I took notice of the colorful sea of umbrellas. I assumed my usual comfortable position near the back of the crowd, watching the people around me praise the Lord without taking any notice of the moderate rain pouring down. It was quiet. No loud amplifiers pounding my ears. Just the harmonious symphony of polyphonic voices; a sweet aroma of prayer and worship ascending to heaven. I was quickly called into the center of the group for prayer. The rain miraculously turned into a light mist. There was something remarkably intimate about the whole setting, as if a wall of protection were surrounding us. What had been a curse over Texas had now turned into a blessing from heaven.

“Pray for Israel,” Dr. Boone whispered into my ear. She grabbed my arm tight and I began to thank the Lord for bringing all of us together as “one new man.” The Lord then resounded a powerful prayer for the salvation of Israel. God’s Kingdom advanced, yet another incremental, but significant step. What we prayed had already been written in heaven, however, as we prayed it was sealed here in the earth. For it is written: “Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven” (Matthew 18:18).

Submitted by,
Eric Michael Teitelman

Reflections on Elijah

Lord, Thank you for Your blessing and sovereignty with which You drew us into the Mantle of Elijah! “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28)”

It rained, but we all persevered—for the Name of Jesus and His Kingdom! If we don’t, who would—particularly in the rainy morning? Hey, Jesus was, and will continue to be, with us Rain or Shine! And He’s worthy!

It only and genuinely excited us to see this awesome privilege and opportunity to shout the Name of Jesus and life His Name up! No agenda but the corporate desire to see His Kingdom come and His smile of joy over this nation!

And I think He answered! Our praise was so uplifting and so “connected” that with our praise my gaze went up and stayed at the heaven, for I KNEW He’s enthroned at the highest place and He is worthy to receive all our worship.

I had to utter, “God really wanted to bless us.” What else? For it was such a privilege to suddenly find us entering into the mantle of those who went before us in perseverance—like Elijah who prayed for rain and when God poured it braved through it. Yes, the spirit of Elijah that Elisha so desired! God graciously blessed us an opportunity to tap into and enter into that realm.

How I wish and am confident we will never be the same but will always cherish and operate in the spirit of Elijah. What an utmost honor it is that with this spirit we can all prepare for the way of His reign and return! Jesus, come and reign in this city, the nation, the communities, the nations. Lord, You are the King of Glory mighty in battle!!

Come Jesus!

Meanwhile, JPM will continue on, breaking all the walls of Jericho, proclaiming all the ancient doors to open the gates for the King of Glory is entering in, into the hearts of the generation and into the land!

Submitted by,
John Lee

JPM Crescendo 2017: What was the Fruit?

Without question Jericho Prayer Movement 2017 was executed in the ordination of God¡¦s will for the day. In spite of the inclement weather and rainy day, the assigned remnant of believers showed up in force to render unto God all of the praises, all of the honor and all of the glory due Him! It was evident the prayers that blanketed the day in the months and days that proceeded had been heard, and the fruit was in our midst.

Youth of all ages were present, without murmur, without complaint as they huddled under rain drenched umbrellas, giving their full attention to the program assigned by God for their good. So what was this fruit that Crescendo 2017 bore and how will it remain? What must be done to preserve it? The Word of God! Every Word that proceeded out of the mouths of those assigned on the program was Words designed to take root in the hearts of those assembled. Like a skillful surgeon, each one delicately and intentionally delivered the Word of God to the hearts and past the flesh of those listening. Prayers were prayed, songs of praise and worship were released and then the Word in the well-executed form of Charges from the Fathers to the Youth Leaders (seek the council of God and pray for His wisdom in directing your efforts to spark revival in the earth), then Impartation from the Youth Leaders to the NOW Generation (understand that you are Christ's ambassadors chosen to represent Him in the earth by telling others about Jesus.) and lastly the Declarations of the NOW Generation (I declare peace in my mind and spirit. Peace I leave with you; not as the world gives, Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. John 14:27) led by an eleven year old peer of many of the youth in attendance.

Submitted by,
Pastor Cheryl Walker

Areas of Follow Through so that Fruit Will Remain!

  • To understand JPMC bore fruit to produce change in the hearts and minds of the Youth Leaders and NOW Gen.

  • A strategy must be formed to capture the fruit in their lives. We must not allow it to fall to the ground and spoil, rot and die. Woe to leadership who allow such poor stewardship.

  • The youth are longing to ¡§do something¡¨ tangible with what they received. In the doing, confidence and boldness are obtained and fortified in their lives.

  • Senior leadership must work together in a collaborative effort to strategize a means to accomplish this.

  • Leadership must be the door openers of opportunity for the youth. (eg: Arrange a day to visit a children¡¦s shelter to distribute toiletries.) Someone in leadership needs to make the connections with the shelters and position our youth for such an assignment.

  • Youth must be trained. Without a strategy, programs may tend to produce performance moments vs. participator moments, meaning youth stay in an atmosphere of ¡§inside the 4 walls¡¨ getting, getting, and getting without a chance to get out and give out of the abundance of what they have received. Rot happens quickly this way and it¡¦s to the delight of no one but the devil.

  • Our youths must be raised up to recognize their own unique gifting and given an avenue to express them.

Much was charged, imparted and declared. These words need to be rehearsed in the hearts and out of the mouths of the hearers. Faith is built in this fashion. Leadership was encouraged to pass along what they saw and heard to their circles of influence and reiterate the charges, impartations and declarations to all age groups.

Submitted by:
Dr. Corinthia Ridgley Boone,
Pastors Liaison;,NOW Generation

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JPM Photo 7442

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