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Capital Region National Day of Prayer

Capitol Steps and Building

Annual Observance: U.S. Capitol Grounds
Thursday, May 3, 2018

The National Day of Prayer is an annual observance for people of all faiths. President Harry Truman established the day as a national event in 1952. In 1988, President Ronald Reagan signed a resolution designating the first Thursday in May as the National Day of Prayer. This year's theme is:

“...Endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.”
Ephesians 4:3

Pastors and Ministry LeadersPastors and Ministry Leaders pause for a photo on the steps of the U.S. Capitol

NDP Photo 0093
NDP Photo 0093

(left to right) Howie Levin, Dr. Corinthia Ridgley Boone, Jason Hershey
One Hert DC, International Christian Host Colation, David's Tent DC

The Voice of Thanksgiving

Dr. Ronnie Floyds Convergence/Moving Forward
The Greatest of the Great: 2018 CRNDP

A new chapter is being written for merging the NDP into its true identity which is in Christ; (John 17:21) - The focus is UNITY!!! (Rev 5:9) UNITY as this years focus for the National Day of Prayer is about intentionally embracing the generations and all ethnicities, denominations in every town, city and counties in America.

What: Coming together to seek mercy from God for the church to turn from all sinful and evil ways. II Chron 7:14: Purify believers that we become salt and light in America and a model and hope to the world: the reality of faith in Jesus (Mark 11:22.)

Who: The church in America; a massive prayer gathering comprised of many smaller gatherings all across America.

Why: UNITY: Exercising its power to bring healing to save lives, relationships, families, churches, businesses, schools, states all across America as we pray on the National Day of Prayer, paving a pathway for Jesus to intervene in the affairs of men. (II Chron 20:12, 18, 20.) Publish with a voice of Thanksgiving – HIS mighty works (Psalm 26:7)

PDP Photo 0046 NDP Photo 0045

West Lawn on U.S. Capitol — May 3, 2018

What: The cry of Heaven was released on earth through the Voices of Unity. Worshipful prayer: passionately, urgently.

Who: The heart cry of youth, intercessor‘s, church leaders and senior statesmen: repentance, decrees calling the church of America back to basic biblical truths; unifying upon the authority of the Bible and the centrality of Jesus Christ as the only Savior of America and the world.

Why: At this critical season, terrorism, nuclear threats, unrighteous rhetoric and disorder in America — God’s rule is our greatest need in America!

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The Day of Prayer Segments

The Capital Region National Day of Prayer is designed to be a day of prayer. We are privileged to be on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capital; the highest seat of government. (Joshua 1:3.)

9:00 AM – 2:00 PM---CRNDP Circles of Prayer – Using tour guide of “Every Home For Christ”.

2:00 PM – 3:45 PM---Preparing hearts and sanctifying the grounds for the 4:00 PM – 6:30 PM Gathering youth and Intercessor‘s.

2:00 PM – 4:00 PM Rayburn Building – Gold Room 2168 - Pastors/Leaders/Businessmen: A time of heart preparation and mutual edification connecting the Body of Christ.

4:00 PM – 6:30 PM: Main Gathering; West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol Building – Theme; “UNITY” - A massive prayer assembly bringing together – multicultural, multi denomination, cross-generational groups of believers.

Understandings and Commitments — Moving Forward!

  • Representative of the Church of Jesus Christ assembled on the West Lawn (Rev. 5:9) declaring a walk in Unity, Harmony, Oneness: committed to be a part of the church that personifies and leads through unity.

  • We are expecting a greater movement of God in the hearts of believers; culminating in a transformed American Church.

  • It takes a unified church to bless a divided nation!

What truths became paramount and a reality in the spirit realm as we gathered at 2018 CRNDP?

  • A commitment to continually work toward unity in the church: overcome all barriers and demolish every lie that brings enmity in the Body of Christ.

  • We prayed with conviction for unity in our churches and nation. Hearts were transformed, resentment harbored dissipated, prayer became our greatest action of blessing.

  • His church is the answer to His prayer; (John 17:21; II Cor 5:20); His believers in unity. His family (Rev 5:9) unified.

  • Continually unite around the core beliefs we hold as followers of Jesus; the infallible truths of Scripture, and take the gospel to every person in America and across the world.

Reflections & more pictures will be coming soon to the website.

International Christian Host Coalition
ICHC is a Christ-centered interdenominational and multi-cultural ministry serving as a contact point. It provides a platform in which Pastors and Leaders (local – nat’l. and int’l.) can jointly undergird efforts of prayer and evangelism...designed to advance the Kingdom of God in the Greater Washington area and beyond...

  • CRNDP is a call to the unity of the Spirit and the bond of Peace (Eph 4:3), manifesting the power of corporate prayer, which supersedes denominations, cultures and political agendas.

  • CRNDP brings together a multi-cultural, multi-denominational, cross generational group of believers from the Washington DC Metroplex, nation and the world.

  • CRNDP is an annual movement of worshipful prayer occurring consistently since 1984.

Questions? Contact the ICHC NDP Team

Capital Region National Day of Prayer
CRNDP [at] ichcndp [dot] org

About ICHC

The hosting coalition of the Capital Region NDP

The International Christian Host Coalition (ICHC) is a non-profit association of multicultural and interdenominational pastors and other Christian leaders incorporated in Washington, DC, since 1983. Our focus is on prayer and community transformation in the U.S. Capital region especially through under girding the churches and pertinent outreach services. >>more

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